Ross Kramer“If music be the food of love, play on.” This is the phrase that Duke Orsino announces to his royal court in Act 1 of “Twelfth Night.” If Ross could write like Shakespeare, he might have written these exact words. “Music fills my soul. It connects people in ways that spoken words cannot. Performing and singing for an audience provides an immediate, intimate connection that is truly unique.”

Concert Connections

Ross is ½ of the successful and dynamic duo “Ross and Kendra.” Ross and his partner Kendra Munger have been thrilling audiences for the past decade. With a unique spin and fun approach to their concerts, the shows take on a “play-like” atmosphere by infusing them with witty banter and scenes from the musicals that help create the mood and setting of each song.

Note: As an added attraction, Ross and Kendra have performed extensively with Bob Ralston of the “Lawrence Welk Television Show” and can arrange for Bob to be part of the show.

What's Happening

Ross Kramer and his singing partner Kendra Munger finished a spectacular concert event with Bob Ralston. read more >

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