About Ross Kramer

Ross Kramer Ross was bitten by the acting bug when he was seven years old and is still infected. He attended The State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he received a B.A. in Theatre Arts. While at Stony Brook, Ross was a member of the Sigma Beta Honor Society and graduated with Cum Laude Honors. Upon graduation, Ross got his first taste of performing "on the road" when he landed the part of Feste in "Twelfth Night." He performed the role in more than 50 cities and 30 states. When one of the stops was Los Angeles, Ross decided that 75 degrees in December was appealing, and decided to give the West Coast a go. It is there that Ross still makes his home with wife Amy, children Jory and Alana, and dog Emmy (whom he and his wife affectionately call "Poopie." Don't ask!)

Ross has numerous acting roles to his credit. He has appeared in more than 30 stage plays (comedies, dramas and musicals), and has appeared on television in sitcoms, dramas and commercials. He has made several films including the award-winning independent film "Heroes."

Ross also has a successful singing career, performing concerts with his partner Kendra Munger, joined by Bob Ralston of the Lawrence Welk television show. Together, they have delighted audiences time and time again. Click here for more on concerts >.

In addition to acting and singing, Ross is an accomplished director and has worked with some of the most notable and prestigious theatre companies on both coasts. Whether it’s comedy or drama, Ross infuses the productions with his unique style, winning both audience and critical praise. Click here to view reviews >

Ross coaches all ages for TV, film, theatre, and commercials and specializes in working with high school students who plan on entering a conservatory/theatre program upon graduating from high school. Click here for coaching information >

When not performing, Ross enjoys playing with his kids, running (two marathons under his belt), hiking, photography, playing the guitar, and doing the crossword puzzle - in ink.

What's Happening

Ross Kramer and his singing partner Kendra Munger finished a spectacular concert event with Bob Ralston. read more >

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